Why You Should Get Your Virginia CCW?

Regardless of whether you actually live in Virginia, you should consider getting your Virginia CCW. As we’ll discuss below, you should get your Virginia CCW because: It will allow you to carry concealed in over half of our country (over 30 states) You aren’t required to live/reside in Virginia If you’d like to know how … Read more

How to Get Your Virginia Concealed Weapons Permit

Virginia Concealed Carry Permit Facts Virginia CCW Issue Type: Shall Issue Non-Resident? Yes Duration: 5 Years Processing Time: 60 days Resident Initial Cost: $100 Resident Renewal Cost: $100 Non-Resident Initial Cost: $100 Non-Resident Renewal Cost: $100 Virginia Concealed Weapon Permit Virginia has one of the concealed carry permits that we like to call a “Bonus CCW.” … Read more